Looking for some inspiration for a new Garden rooms near me?

At Prestige Garden Rooms, we know that a one-size solution works only for some. That’s why we offer a selection of stunning designed garden buildings. So, each of these can be fully bespoke to suit your requirements and space best.

Furthermore, no matter what type of garden rooms you want to build, we can help. Some of our favourites are:

  • Garden office room to work from.
  • Recording studio.
  • Garden gym.
  • Relaxing garden salon.

Additionally, Prestige Garden Rooms’ designers will seek to make the best use of your space. They strive to ensure you are happy at every design stage.

Moving on, depending on your space, we can expand your garden rooms. We can expand by creating additional space for a desk or gym equipment. You can choose from bi-fold or sliding doors to enhance your garden building.

Moreover, with our platinum buildings, we can re-position windows or doors to enhance the natural light. This way, you can have space for furniture and avoid a shambles-like environment. It’s all about making you feel comfortable in your new garden room.

Finally, we discuss the options available and any site preparation required before installation. Also, we produce a floor plan of your room design. Along with the design, we provide a video of what it will look like to go with your no-obligation quote. So you have a vivid picture of your garden rooms before we start construction.

See what your garden room could look like.

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